Our insurance products are made available at the worksite via payroll deduction on a “pre-tax” basis. Policies are designed to pay CASH DIRECTLY TO THE EMPLOYEE or their immediate family members to provide financial protection in case of an Accident, Illness or Death”. Policies are “portable” at the same payroll rate in case employment is terminated.

Products currently available are

Hospital Indemnity

to Supplement Health Insurance Plans

Health Insurance is a good way to help pay the costs of medical treatment that may be necessary, but most plans offered today don’t pay all the costs if your treatment requires a visit to your physician, the emergency room, or an extended stay in the hospital.

The average length of stay in a U.S. hospital in 2018 was 4.8 days. Even just a couple of days in the hospital could be costly to you. Lost income, medicines and therapies can quickly add up. Supplemental health insurance can help protect your hard-earned savings, and it can help you cover some of the “out of pocket” costs associated with medical care for both “in-patients” and “out-patients”.

Critical Illness Insurance

Do you know someone who has had Heart Disease, Stroke, Alzheimer’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis or Paralysis? Would your finances survive a critical illness?

This policy pays a lump sum benefit up to $100,000 directly to the policyholder immediately following diagnosis to help pay for Lost income, Mortgage payments, Travel expenses, Home health care, Prescription drugs, Child care and much more….

Cancer Insurance

No one likes to think about getting cancer. But it will still affect 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women. Cancer may not be preventable, but you can protect yourself from the costs. Cancer and specified disease insurance can help you: Preserve savings; Protect your family from financial hardship; Concentrate on getting well.

Accident Insurance

on and off-the-job coverage including disability income

An accident can wreak havoc on your savings if you’re not prepared. That’s why there’s accident insurance. It gives you a cushion to help cover medical expenses and living costs when you get hurt unexpectedly.

On average there are 11 unintentional-injury deaths and about 2,330 disabling injuries every hour during the course of a year. Nearly 1 in 8 people sought medical attention or suffered at least one day of activity restriction because of an injury.

Accident insurance can pay you a lump sum benefit for on- or off-the job accidental injuries, plus some medical benefits. Because accident insurance is supplemental, it works in addition to other insurance you may have. 
Would your finances survive an accidental injury?

Disability Insurance

Many people insure their car and home but forget to insure their most valuable asset, their ability to earn an income. What if one day you got sick or injured and couldn’t work? How long could you go without a paycheck? Where would you go for help?

If you can’t work because of a sudden illness or injury, you can still be financially secure. Supplemental disability income can help ease the burden when your paychecks stop.

As you recover, disability insurance that will replace 67% of your monthly income can ensure you have enough to cover bills, still support your family and protect your hard earned savings.

Term Life

Because you work hard for your family, it makes sense to be sure they’re financially protected-in life and death. This is where term life insurance helps out. It gives you peace of mind that your family will be taken care of and you have the ability to purchase affordable insurance for your dollar that we can lock in for up to 30 years. Return of Premium coverage is also available that guarantees all of your paid premium will be refunded to you in the event you out live the term. This is a win-win!

Universal Life

No one like’s to think about death. But it’ll happen to all of us someday. Have you thought about how your family’s quality of life will be affected if they lose you-and your income?

Universal life insurance helps assure you that money won’t be your family’s major worry when you’re gone. And what’s more, your policy can help you reach financial goals during your lifetime. It’s smart to have life insurance that will grow in value over time and at the same time; you lock your premiums in for life!